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About Veronica Helms

Veronica, a new Texas resident, has been one of the sweetest additions to RHA. She moved to the Dallas area with her family in 2018 and is embracing all that Texas has to offer. Born in Miami, FL and raised in Charlotte, NC, Veronica has ‘big city’ living already in her blood. Her passion for all things real estate has been evident since she was a little girl. Her father is a home remodeler and for years, she has been intrigued and involved in the transformations of the properties. She has a natural love for architecture and design. Aside from that, Veronica also loves people. With previous experience in the medical field, she embodies confidentiality, integrity, communication and compassion. As a millennial, she stays current with trends and technology and admits she is very fashion forward. Whether buying, building, selling or leasing, she is always one step ahead. When she’s not helping her clients, Veronica enjoys her 3 children with her husband. They have a son and identical twin daughters who are the absolute light of their lives. She is active in her community and supports various charities including but not limited to women and families, education, and urban development. When you or someone you know is ready to buy, build, sell or lease,

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